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Wan Bang City Garden
Wan Bang City Garden
Overall Rating: Grade 3
City: Shanghai
Pudong District Century Park Zone
Project Address:
Long Yang Road 
Asking Price:
26,000.00-34,000.00 RMB/m²
Unit Size: 40 - 255 m²
Category: Metro Apartment
Fit-out: Bare shell
Greenary Ratio: 49.8 % Plot Ratio:1.68
Completion: 2002-12-01
Update: 2012.06.18
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Tel: +86(021)32515182/5183/5262
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Please contact Villable CS: +86(021)32515182/5183/5262

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Special Services
24-Hour Security
24-Hour Security  
Interior Features
Project Facilities
Club House Swimming Pool Supermarket Car Park Tennis Court 
Club House   Swimming Pool   Supermarket  
Project Carparking: Total No.180   Tennis Court  
Bus:569 581 615 624 629 715 746 779   Metro:Line 2 Longyang Road 
District Analysis
* An average of 80 km highway and 55 km city driving speed are based on respectively. An average of 80 meters per minute on foot is calculated.
**The above is based on a no traffic jam condition.
Destination On Foot(Minute)
Bank 3
Hospital 11
Park 14
Restaurant 3
School 7
Shopping Mall 7
Supermarket 3
Bus 4
Gas Station 7
Metro 2
Destination By Car(Minute)
Hong Qiao Airport 25
Pu Dong International Airport 21
Lu Jia Zui 8
People's Square 14
The Bund 15
Xin Tian Di 13
Xu Jia Hui 13
Shanghai Station 16
South Shanghai Railway Station 18
Project Overview

The total area in Wan Bang City Garden are 80000 square meters, there are 530 suite and the green zone is around 50%. This compound is very close to metro line 2 and many buses line, and it also not very far away from the Central Park. In this compound, they have not only swimming poor, tennis court, and fitness etc , but they also has the compound reading club and an elemertary school. 115-136 square meters for three beds room and 55 square meters for one bed room.
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